Facebook 2 – Javed Chaudhry 26 April, 2011   4 comments




4 responses to “Facebook 2 – Javed Chaudhry 26 April, 2011

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  1. Bohat se loog aisey hain jo kai samandar main rehtey hain magar un ko pani ki gahrai ka andaza nahin ho pata. Ap bhi un nhi logon main se hain Chaudry sahib

  2. u always ignore ji from political scene.u know that the people of ji are honest but u never bothered to count ji in the counting pakistani parties whereas u know that the parlimentarians of ji in the past and present are honest as compared to any other party in pakistan.i am not demanding favor for jamat but at least u should admit that it is a fact. the rejected people of other parties have joined imran khan how can he bring a revolution with such a corrupt team.??any how i like ur columns and a regular reader of u.plz dont mind my remarks.jazakallah

  3. jab ap jaysay log bi meray waton main hoon to pher is ka hasher itna bura koun hay.

    • i think the media person have their own goals.for which they are compaining . Javed sb.app practically is molvi (who advised the other but never do himself. send me ur cell # please.

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