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Mobile Operators Ought to be Careful – Javed Chaudhry   1 comment

JAVED-CHAUDHRY Both Husband and wife were passing away their time while watching Television at the comfort of their home out of their busy schedule, they were absorbed watching Television when mobile phone of wife rang up,they both looked at it where the name “Bushra” was blinking on mobile screen for quite sometime; the wife looked at the name but did not respond to the call. When asked by her husband why she was not picking up the call she said she will call her afterward. That made husband suspicious and he grabbed the phone from her and dialed back the number, to his surprise there was no female but a male person on the other side of the line who very warmly attended the call little realizing perhaps that the caller himself was a male and not female.

Now the husband became extremely brutal. The verbal altercation between husband and wife turned violent and the husband resorted to thrashing his wife ferociously paying no heed to her yelling.In a bid to save herself, the woman turned back violently and precisely at that moment a twelve inches long piece of glass pierced through her breasts and as she was being taken to the hospital, she breathed her last and pronounced dead upon reaching the hospital

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Bazzoqat – Javed Chaudhry (12 December, 2010)   Leave a comment

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